Talking: Families

Sharn Tomlinson

Working to create fulfilling relationships with individuals, couples, families and networks of relationships

Sharn Tomlinson
MA in Systemic teaching, training & supervision
PgDip in Systemic Psychotherapy
PgDip in Systemic Management

Tel: 07796 446 191

Sharn Tomlinson MA

Offers a private service for individuals, couples, families and networks of relationships facing difficulties and challenges of wide ranging descriptions.

Has experience working:

  • in the NHS with children, adolescents and adults within mental health teams as a Family Therapist.
  • in education, business, management, sales, administration and training.

Has over 10 years experience working within training and therapy services.

Is accredited through United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP). Through this registration I agree to abide by the councils code of ethics. To find out more about how this protects you please visit the UKCP web site

Is registered supervisor with The KCC Foundation.

Works for the University of Bedfordshire, The KCC Foundation and Relate as one of their tutors on Systemic counselling courses.

How I work

I work from the principal that to be Human is to be in ‘relationship’ and that fulfilling relationships are fundamental to happy, healthy and successful individuals, couples, families and teams.

My approach is just one way of thinking about people’s challenges and difficulties.

I normally meet with people every 3 to 4 weeks. This comes from the premise that people need time to make changes and process conversations and having a 3 to 4 week gap between sessions allows this space for change.

I try to create opportunities for all those involved to meet together. For example with children it can often be important to involve the school network as well as friends and family. I do respect the knowledge of the family and young people to know what is going to be most healing for them and I find they often know who it is important to involve.

Where I work

I work in the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire area and I am happy to meet families in their own homes and teams in their places of work.


Fees are negotiable depending on how many people attend a meeting, where the meeting is and how many sessions are required.

My fee is normally between £55 and £75 per hour and sometimes sessions last 1 ½ hours. A half hour telephone consultation, in order to establish whether meeting with me will be useful, is free.